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Now that the temperature is dropping, my skin is begging for a little extra TLC. It never fails, my skin tends to be dryer and more dull around this time of year. Not to worry though because I've got you covered. Keep reading as I share some easy ways you can keep your skin hydrated, clear, and healthy.

Here are 6 Tips to Winterize Your Skin:

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1. Don't cleanse your face Morning & Night
Twice a day cleansing is a method many beauty gurus swear by and while it can offer some benefits, you run the risk of drying out your skin more in the winter. Over washing can lead to flaking, irritation, and acne. By removing too much of the natural oil our bodies create, your skin will compensate by overproducing sebum leading to more breakouts. Stick to cleansing once in the evening; to remove makeup, dirt, or any buildup from throughout the day. 
2. Moisturize
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While you should be moisturizing your skin daily-this is even more important in the winter as skin tends to be dryer during this time. Using an intense facial moisturizer such as Mermaid Milk will not only combat flakiness but keep your skin silky and supple. For the body, I'm currently loving all natural shea butter to help lock in moisture. 
3. Use an SPF
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You may only think of SPF during the summer but it is important to use sunscreen year round. Even on cloudy days and in the winter months; the sun's rays are just as damaging. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, snow increases the need for sunscreen because it reflects the sun's rays. Using an SPF in the winter will help prevent premature signs of aging and more importantly skin cancer. SPF 30 or higher is recommended. 
4. Don't forget your lips
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Keep your lips soft and supple by using a lip scrub followed by a moisturizing lip balm. The scrub will exfoliate the lips, removing dead skin and allow your chosen lip balm to penetrate better. You can purchase a lip scrub at your local retailer or make it a DIY project and create your own remedy. Either way, there won't be any dry, chapped lips this winter!
5. Stay hydrated
Live Water
Ensuring you drink enough water is crucial to the body. It is needed in order to maintain healthy bodily functions such as carrying oxygen throughout the body or flushing out toxins. Proper hydration can help combat dull, dry looking skin and improve wrinkles. While there is not much evidence to prove that drinking water is beneficial to having healthy skin; research does show that our skin (the largest organ of the human body) is mostly made of water. 
6. Limit the long, hot showers
Who doesn't love a long, hot shower on a nice cold day? Your skin!
Taking showers that are too long and too hot can aid in making your skin dryer as the natural oils are stripped away, leading to itchiness or worsened skin conditions. Resist the urge. Take shorter showers/baths instead with warm (not hot) water-your skin and the environment will thank you for it later.
There are many more ways to care for your skin in the winter. What are some of your favs?
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-Kristina (with a K)


  • Kristina, Founder

    Kristina, Founder

    March 07, 2021

    I’m glad you found this information useful! I completely understand cleansing morning and night which is not wrong either! This is just one way to help with dry skin in the winter and it will vary person to person. Your routine can also change depending on the season, just have to see what works for you 😊 Thanks for reading!

  • LisaBKNYBeauty


    March 07, 2021

    These tips are so helpful. I’m guilty of long and got showers. I’m going to put an end to that. I’m not sure if I can only wash my face at night though. I like to cleanse before leaving the house abs before applying makeup. Great blog

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