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I hope all is well! I am so excited to share that Kassé has been featured in the BOBSA newsletter 🎉 As a member of the Black Owned Beauty Supply Alliance, it is an honor to serve my community and connect with my peers as well. Keep scrolling so you can read the newsletter and I'm looking forward to more opportunities like this. 


We're back with another Black Owned Beauty Supply Store feature. Meet Kristina Ross-Jones, owner of Kasse' Boutique in Bentonville, AR.
How long have you been in business and how did you get started?

I began making preparations in 2019 but I officially launched Kassé Boutique in April 2020. So, I'm coming up on 1 year in business 🎉 I'm a licensed Master Cosmetologist and professional Makeup Artist; over the last ten years I've had the pleasure of working in several areas of the beauty industry including editorial publications, music videos, commercials, weddings, and more. When I relocated to Fort Smith, Arkansas from Duluth, Georgia, I found it difficult to locate quality beauty products for women of color. After several subpar experiences at local establishments it was placed on my heart that my community deserved better. I decided that I would utilize my expertise, passion for the beauty industry, and years of client service to create a modern take on the beauty supply experience. 

How has networking with Mahisha helped your business?
Networking with Curls has been amazing! It has been difficult; especially since my store is currently online only, to acquire accounts needed to grow my business. However, Mahisha has made it easy for me to gain access to her brand when others have said no. I'm also all about continued education and I appreciate the opportunities to take part in the master classes offered.
What do you hope to experience by being a part of the Black Owned Beauty Supply Alliance?

My hope is to connect with more of my peers within the Black Owned Beauty Supply Alliance, gain more business/industry knowledge, and see us all thrive!

Thank you for the opportunity to be featured!

the store!
Thank you so much Kristina for participating..... Wonder who will be next! Stay tuned!


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