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So, you decided to give false strip lashes a try. Whether for a date night, zoom call, or just because dressing up makes you feel good! Whatever the reason, you chose to accentuate your eyes with a fabulous pair of falsies but now it's time to take them off and you're probably wondering what do I do now? Can I reuse my false lashes? No need to worry. I'm going to share everything you need to care for your strip lashes to ensure you receive longevity.

 How To Remove Strip Lashes:

Simply peel your strip lash from the outer corner of your eye towards the inner corner. Removing in this direction helps to ensure you do not damage your natural lashes. Pro Tip: If you find removal painful, soften the glue adhesive with an oil such as coconut. Your false strip lashes will glide right off.

How To Clean Your Lashes:

1. Gently remove glue residue from the lash band with tweezers (or fingers). A cotton swab with makeup remover or an oil can help soften the glue adhesive. These olive oil swabs from DHC Care are a great because they're a two for one!

2. Disinfect the lash with rubbing alcohol and allow to air dry; I suggest using at least 70% alcohol content.

3. Storing your lashes once they have been cleaned is the final step to ensuring your falsies maintain their durability. Once your lashes are completely dry, place them back onto the lash tray to help keep their shape and extend their lifespan. Continue to repeat this process each time you decide to adorn your eyes with strip lashes. Depending on the type of lash chosen, you could get between 10-20 wears - I suggest a synthetic or mink lash for the most durability. 

I hope you found this post useful and if you have further questions feel free to drop a comment. Until next time,

-Kristina (with a K)




  • Kristina, Founder

    Kristina, Founder

    March 07, 2021

    Thank you for reading! I’m glad to hear you found this post helpful. It can definitely be difficult to find a lash adhesive. Do you have allergies to latex? There are some great latex free options available.

  • Rachelle Auguste

    Rachelle Auguste

    March 07, 2021

    This post is very helpful. I’m still in search for a good lash adhesive that won’t irritate me.

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