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The desire for longer, fuller lashes has been apart of the beauty culture for over one hundred years; the patent for artificial eyelashes was created by Anna Taylor in 1911 but there is evidence that suggests methods for lengthening eyelashes were being used in the late 1800's. As beauty trends evolve and technology advances so has the methods of eyelash enhancement. The most common techniques utilized today include strip lashes, individual lashes, and eyelash extensions.

Strip Lashes 1. Strip lashes are a temporary option and one of the most popular given the ease of use. The strip lash covers the width of the upper lash line and is typically applied with a latex glue (non-latex also available). Strip lashes are great as they come in a variety of styles, including different materials such as human hair, mink, silk, etc., lengths, densities, colors, and even bedazzled. These lashes are also easy to remove and can be done without going to see a professional. Contrary to popular belief, strip lashes are meant to be worn for no more than 24 hours. Great for a fun night out or even daily use so long as eyelids/eyelashes are properly cleansed after removal.




Individual Lashes2. Individual lashes also commonly known as clusters, or tabs are not to be confused with semi-permanent lash extensions. There tends to be misinformation as the language is used interchangeably but the two are not the same. Clusters are pre-made fans of several eyelashes on one tab that are applied on the upper lash line on top of multiple eyelashes. Like strip lashes, clusters are available in a variety of lengths, materials, or colors and are fairly easy to remove dependent on the type of glue used. A favorite among makeup artists as these tend to look more natural and can be customized to suit individual preferences. Clusters make a great option for a special event or night out as these lashes are not meant for long term or continued use.






Lash Extensions 3. Lash extensions are a semi-permanent enhancement in which each individual faux lash is adhered to each individual natural lash. These lashes can last between 3-4 weeks in which case they will then fall off naturally as your own lashes grow and shed (Length of time is also dependent on your own aftercare as well). This application should only be performed by a licensed professional in a sanitary setting and the overall process can take 2 hours to complete. Unlike strip or individual lashes, semi-permanent eyelashes can be cleansed while being worn which can help prevent conditions such as Blepharitis.  Lash extensions are a great option for those looking for a more semi-permanent way to rock long/full lashes as opposed to applying them daily. There are risks involved with eyelash extensions so be sure to do your research to ensure this type of enhancement is for you.








No matter your preference, false eyelashes are a great way to add natural length or full on glam to  your overall look; after all, the eyes are windows to the soul. So have fun with them but be sure to care for your own natural lashes in the process. Until next time!

-Kristina (with a K)







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